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Demilade Otayemi (1993) is a mixed-media artist. His work addresses social issues shaped by culture, religion, politics, and nature. His figurative works are characterized by his evolving expressionistic technique that places the expression and emotions of his subjects together in contrasting effect, hence proving their status as social beings.

​Demilade’s works are heavily influenced by the social consciousness in his immediate environment which is in direct contrast to his own social life. With his works primarily in oil on canvas, he uses colours that induce a controlled emotion, these colours are more relaxed and sometimes seems to show the mood of the subject against a backdrop of social acceptance, which has resonance in his own life. His paintings show the use of a palette knife as well as a paintbrush. This causes the characters to have some blurred details and sharp edges to them, which essentially evokes emotion on its own. He has participated in several group shows and have won several awards.

Demilade is also a graphic designer who has created stunning visual identity and system design for several global brands. He directs Dhemian Design Studio, a design agency with outlets in Nigeria and Canada. He has won several awards and participated in several exhibitions.

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